Friday, July 29, 2005

More About Howard

Howard Everyman never stayed in one place to long, he was always walking off to the next place where he felt he could be the most help.

When people asked him why he walked so far to help others, he would usually say:

    I like walking, its a good time to think; besides I've got these really good walking shoes.

Most of the people would just smile at Howard and then begin to talk about something else. Some very curious people would ask Howard why he really walked so far. A few times he said:

    The distance someone happens to be from me doesn't reduce their need (although I wish it would). Often times, the fact that I have walked so far to help someone, helps them more than what I do, when I get there.

More about Howard


Stacy said...

This Howard sounds like a guy I know...possibly my brother...

Jay Haase said...