Friday, November 02, 2007

Updated Plans

Through a series of lucky events, I will be staying in Namibia one more year. I will have a completely different assignment, in a completely different part of Namibia.

I will be working in community development (not IT). I will also be staying with a family on a homestead. There is a chance there will be no electricity and no running water. I will also be learning a new language: Oshindonga. The family will probably speak only a little English.

Its the type of assignment I had been hoping for since I started the Peace Corps sign-up process.

I will be coming home for over a month! I will leave Namibia on December 2nd and arriving back in Namibia on January 15th.

PS: Anyone want to donate an LCD project for use in Namibia to help with teaching male gender norms -- as a way to combat HIV/AIDS?