Friday, July 29, 2005

More About Howard

Howard Everyman never stayed in one place to long, he was always walking off to the next place where he felt he could be the most help.

When people asked him why he walked so far to help others, he would usually say:

    I like walking, its a good time to think; besides I've got these really good walking shoes.

Most of the people would just smile at Howard and then begin to talk about something else. Some very curious people would ask Howard why he really walked so far. A few times he said:

    The distance someone happens to be from me doesn't reduce their need (although I wish it would). Often times, the fact that I have walked so far to help someone, helps them more than what I do, when I get there.

More about Howard

Thursday, July 28, 2005

This is Not My Beautiful House

My house is sold! Closing is set for August 22nd -- that's not far away.

Now on my mind:

  • Put my thangs in storage (remember, simplify)
  • Sell my car (bye Az)
  • Get my legal affairs in order (boring)
  • Gear up and pack for Namibia (fun)
  • Quit my job (refreshing)
  • Road trip (freedom)
  • Get on the plane to staging (anticipation)

Once I close on my house, I will turn in my two weeks notice. That means my last day at work will be September 2nd.

My work already knows I am leaving. I actually told them when I started the process of joining the Peace Corps a year ago -- it's to hard for me to keep that kind of thing secret.

Its time to soak my ears in organic sea salt -- goodnight.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I See the Rabbit!

Tonight at 10:00 PM CDST I will find out if my house has sold! It's exciting and scary at the same time.
I received an email from the Peace Corps today. They said they have received my resume and aspiration statement. They also said that staging will most likely begin on November 7th, but that they are still confirming the dates.
Things have sure started to move fast, just after I got my ears pierced!
Morale of the story:
Don't pierce your ears, if you want things to stay the same...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Little Status Update

Well, regarding the house, the offers have started to flow! It looks like I will have three offers before the night is over! There is a good chance my house could be sold by tomorrow night!

Today has the auspicious honor of being my one year anniversary of officially deciding to join the Peace Corps. On this day, one year ago, I stayed up until the wee hours filling out the online Peace Corps application forms (not a task for the faint of heart).

Saturday I got my ears pierced -- something I had wanted to do for a long time. I am hoping I can close on my house soon enough so that I can still do my motorcycle trip to California. I wanna be a long-haried, tattooed, homeless, jobless, guy with pirate earrings, and a motorcycle on the trip!