Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Snapshot of My Thoughts

Today, I am tired. There are many thoughts populating my mind, and I feel that if I put them in this blog, some strange karma-ticly good thing will happen to me (or, maybe I am just lonely, and hoping my soul-mate will read this and know who I am).

  • I will remember to be less.
  • I will remember to be less judgmental of myself so that I am less judgmental of others.
  • I will remember to not worry about the outcome so that I can enjoy the peace that follows.
  • I will remember that I can have peace.
  • I will remember that peace is every step.
  • I will keep learning about myself so that I can be less of me, and more for the people I meet -- to be like a mirror reflecting to them their own brilliance.
  • I will be patient with myself so that I can be more patient with the people I meet.
  • I will remember that life is short.
  • I will not look for success, rather I will help others to achieve it.
There, I feel better now.


Imagine what can happen when, for many generations, a group of people are severely and strategically oppressed. Imagine what happens to their self-esteem, their initiative, their aspirations.

Think about someone you know that was in an oppressive relationship; and then think about how significantly that relationship affected them. For myself, I know that I am still trying to work out things from a relationship that only lasted four years.

Now imagine what can happen if such treatment goes on for generations.