Monday, November 14, 2005

First Day of Training

Today was our first official day of training. I enjoyed it a great deal. I feel very lucky to be taking part in such an interesting and We had some very good information sessions:

  • The History of Namibia
  • First Afrikaans Language Class
  • Racism in Namibia
We also participated in a couple of medical information sessions and received more shots. I got a meningitis shot. Some people needed two shots today.

We have a pet spider in our room, and we call him Spewiy. His is very large, but does not scare us because he is much smaller than the very large spider we killed in our room last night. The spider was over three inches long, and had huge mandibles. It was the kind of spider that could eat a hardy sailor (comment from Mike, one of my roommates). It was very fast, and actually would not back down when Matt tried to poke at it.