Monday, January 09, 2006


Tonight is attack of the bugs night. For some reason tonight, a swarm of strange little bugs have begun to invade Shoni and my house. I think they are some sort of winged termite. They are about the same size as a black carpenter ant. They are brown, and run around with their butts up in the air. I was outside playing harmonica, and had to rush in because they kept landing on me.

They are attracted to the light, and enter the house in small groups of 3 or 4 (we have no screens on our windows). They run around on the floor like crazy looking for things. I was typing on my computer when I felt something tickling my foot. I looked down, and three of the little critters were zooming around under the arch of my foot (I was barefoot).

There is another set of bugs that have also arrived. They have wings that are about an inch long, and after they land in the house, their wings fall off. The bugs are pretty big; the good thing is they seem to disappear (to someplace I can't see) very quickly. The only reason I know they are here, is because I see their wings scattered about on the floor.