Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Tribute to Howard Everyman

I watch the people that our society pays tribute to, and I wish we would make more room for people like Howard Everyman.

Howard did not grow up to be a doctor or a lawyer. I'm not even sure what his job was, or if he even had one -- I guess it wasn't that important to him.

Howard didn't have a big house or even a shiny car. I'm not sure exactly where he lived, or even how he got around -- I guess that did't matter too much to him.

The interesting thing about Howard was that he was happy, more happy than most. He was so happy that it readily spilled over to the random people that happened to be near him. Howard rejoiced in his life, caring for the things inside of himself, so much so that it was easy to care for others.

When someone asked Horward how he could be so happy, he would usually say:

    "One day I decided to see how little it would take for me to be happy.
    I found that when I had less, there was more for others, and in some strange twist, the less I had the less I wanted, and the more I saw life as it truely was -- short and wonderous."


colelai said...

That's a beautiful tribute! I love your site. You have such thoughtful and creative ideas. I added it as a link on mine so I can check in on your journey- I hope this is okay! I'm kalapeace on livejournal. Take care =)

Jay Haase said...

Thanks for the compliments! Of course, I think its cool when people link with my site.