Thursday, July 28, 2005

This is Not My Beautiful House

My house is sold! Closing is set for August 22nd -- that's not far away.

Now on my mind:

  • Put my thangs in storage (remember, simplify)
  • Sell my car (bye Az)
  • Get my legal affairs in order (boring)
  • Gear up and pack for Namibia (fun)
  • Quit my job (refreshing)
  • Road trip (freedom)
  • Get on the plane to staging (anticipation)

Once I close on my house, I will turn in my two weeks notice. That means my last day at work will be September 2nd.

My work already knows I am leaving. I actually told them when I started the process of joining the Peace Corps a year ago -- it's to hard for me to keep that kind of thing secret.

Its time to soak my ears in organic sea salt -- goodnight.


The Fiddler of Policy Land said...

Making a tour with the Peace Corp really will change your life. It is an incredible form of service that will influence what and how you do things forever. I didn't have the grades or notion to join when I finished college, but my friends who have served in the Peace Corp really enjoyed it. I run a degree program in Public Service at Pitt that focuses on serving others through government, nonprofit, or civic engagement and I truly believe that being a US citizen requires that we must give a lot since we are so priviledged. Good luck in Namibia.

Jay Haase said...

Thanks, and I agree with you about our responsibility to give to our world neighbors.