Saturday, August 06, 2005


I met a strange person in a small Thai restaurant this evening. She asked me if I felt all of the energy that was about lately. I said "I don't know, ...maybe."

Calmness was all about her, and she had a warm smile that made me want to keep looking at her, absorbing her tenderness.

She said "It's there if you pay careful attention. It actually wants to be found. Once you find it, you can turn it into any emotion you want, just by thinking the smallest of thought."

She smiled at me and softly touched my wrist. I wished I could hear the song that was in her eyes as she turned and glided out the door.

(This is based on a true event but, not all true -- I was a story that mostly popped into my head.)


Daureen Clyde said... much as I embrace spiritual experiences, maybe there was something more than lemongrass in her dish?

Then again, its the thirst for peaceful, positive energy that I hope to find in a far away land. Maybe she found the secret of finding it right where she is. Might be reflected in the calmness, warmth and song you sensed in her.

Daureen Clyde said...

So now you tell me! LOL

Jay Haase said...

Sorry Daureen, I was in a creative writting mood, and then when I saw you comment I realized I better add a disclaimer!

Jay. :-)