Thursday, September 09, 2004

Emergency Kit Item #5 -- Adventure

One of the quickest ways I can get into a good mood is by going on an adventure. The anticipation of encountering something unexpected (the expectation of the unexpected...) gets me all wound up.

    Once a friend and I went to the airport. We had carefully packed a large assortment of clothing and gear. We knew we were going somewhere far -- we just didn't know where.
    At the airport, we started talking with a ticketing agent. We asked the agent to find the best deal tickets to some other country leaving as soon as possible. The agent found round trip tickets to Spain for just over $600! About an hour later, we were on the plane to Spain.
    Sitting back today, I can still feel the excitement I felt then, as I walked onto the plane.

The times I find the most adventures are those times when I am paying careful attention to what is going on in the present. When things are at their best, one adventure leads right into the next!

Item #5 -- Adventure

I am going to write this message to myself in my thought book and I will draw big 3-d arrows pointing in all directions on the opposite page:

    Go on an adventure right now! I mean it, set this book down and go to a new place.


Anonymous said...

Adding some kind of food might help.

Jay Haase said...

Most definitely! I will be describing a whole set of special comfort foods that will be stored in my emergency kit.