Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Those 18 Special Little Words

This morning I woke to find one of those wonderful, coveted, automated, Peace Corps status change email messages in my inbox.
Whenever my status officially changes, I get an automated notification from the Peace Corps. This time the notification occurred because I transitioned from "Applicant" to "Nominee". The messages are short and sweet:
    "Peace Corps has updated your Application Status account. Log in to your toolkit to see the latest information."
When I logged into my toolkit, I was surprised to find a whole new set of web links available for me (information about timelines, medical and legal clearance...).
When I was given my toolbox, I posted a picture of status screen in my blog. Here to continue the tradition is my new status screen!

I've scheduled my next dental appointment (2 of 3) for Thursday morning at 7:00 am -- I couldn't think of anything better to do at 7:00 am on an Thursday.

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