Monday, August 16, 2004

Applicant Status

I used to think it was easy to get into the Peace Corps, you just give them your name, and pretty soon you would be in a foreign country (I also used to think it was easy to get a tatoo, but that's another story)...
Right now, I am in "applicant status". This means the Peace Corps is reviewing my documentation (and the results of my interview) to determine if I will become a nominee. My recruiter has told me that I may not be nominated for a while, because I have requested a start date of no earlier than October 2005, and currently they are not nominating people for that time period.
I have access to a neat website that lets me monitor my status. Also, I am sent an email whenever my status is changed or updated. Here is a screen shot of the status webpage.

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serebourkofi said...

i have been nominated as PCV, and has gone through all the stages. I am waiting for the medical and legal clearance. may i know when this may be completed?