Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Not the Status Quo

I have been nominated. This is a key step that begins my journey through the rest of the Peace Corps process.

I'm finally in the national pool!

In official terms, I have been nominated for the program:

  • Computer Science; number: 163 06 1 B1

What exactly is a nomination you ask?

  • A nomination is a recommendation that my application be given further consideration. My file is being sent to the Placement Unit at Peace Corps headquarters in Washington, DC, where several important screenings take place and where assignment matches for qualified prospective volunteers are finalized.

What does my nomination guarantee?

  • It guarantees that I have made it to the next step in the Peace Corps process -- any or all of the following can change after nomination: geographic region, type of program, and leave date (oh, and least wanted, potential rejection from the Peace Corps).

So, what's next?

  • Now I begin the marathon process of medical and legal clearance. Medical clearance can be a very long process -- 60 days is average! I should be receiving my medical paperwork in two weeks.

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