Saturday, September 04, 2004

Emergency Kit Item #4 -- Food For The Spirit

There are times when my spirit feels tired. It's different than being physically tired -- in some ways its even more debilitating. It can also take more than rest and sleep to replentish my spirit. I am guessing that people experience a tired spirit during service in the Peace Corps. Before now, I have not consciously thought the things that feed and heal my spirit.

[Insert considerable time here, while I think about those things that feed my spirit]

Through the miracle of time-lapse writing, here is my list:

  • Breath meditation
  • Reading the right kind of book
  • Receiving a caring smile from another person
  • Giving someone a small, unexpected gift

Item #4 -- Food For the Spirit

I will carefully store the following items in my emergency kit:

  • A series of small, thoughtful gifts.
  • I will draw a small picture in my Book of Thoughts accompanied with the words "Smile More".
  • I will write the following phrase in my Book of Thoughts "Meditate More". I will draw a bunch of vines around the words.
  • The wonderful book "The Art of Being A Healing Presence" by James Miller & Susan Cutshal. This book has a strange an unexpected effect on me -- it gives me a feeling of serenity and provides a hearty meal for my spirit!

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