Thursday, September 02, 2004

Emergency Kit Item #3 -- Life Support

Life support is defined as: equipment that makes life possible in otherwise deadly environmental conditions. Therefore, if you happen to be somewhere without oxygen, life support means getting oxygen to your lungs. If you are experiencing hypothermia, it means getting your body warm.

So, if I want to add a life support component to my emergency kit, I need to consider the following environment:

  • I will be far from my friends and family.
  • The people I will be around will not know me and will probably not understand my personality.
  • It will be difficult to communicate with the people around me.
  • I will be expected to keep myself highly motivated.

Item #3 -- Life Support

  1. I will ask my friends and family to find one of their favorite pictures of themselves.
  2. I will ask them to imagine I am kinda down and low on energy.
  3. I will ask them to write some words of support, encouragement, and love to me on the back of their picture.
  4. I will put the pictures in a water-proof, dent-proof, bug-proof container labeled "Personalized Life Support System".
  5. I will package the whole thing into my emergency kit.

When I am feeling bad, I can bust out this reusable, self-sustaining, life support system and in an instant: see my family and friends and read their words of support!

(This will also provide me with wonderful pictures to share with the new people I meet)


Anonymous said...

The Emergency Kit seems like a good idea. What else are you planning? Delayed Stress Syndrome is alot like hypothemria(PLSS ideas) and I notice you mentioned that you think. Most people don't, so got any cool thoughts?

Jay Haase said...

I'll do some research on Delayed Stress Syndrome. I probably won't comment on it for a while because I still have more to put into (write about) my host country emergency kit.