Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy Day

Today, some of our colleagues were headed into town. To our sheer joy, Shoni and I were able to tag along and get a free ride!

An unexpected free ride to town, especially during business hours, is a gift from heaven. In Namibia die son brand, and we are a 45 minute walk from town.

We were able to check our post office box, connect our laptops to the Internet at the local Internet cafe, and do our weekly grocery shopping. We were both so happy that we were officially giddy.

Shoni and I must walk to most places, and have to time things so that we are back before dark, because of safety concerns. We take a taxi when we we must, but work hard to avoid it because it would quickly eat up all of our Peace Corps allowance...a taxi ride into town costs $6 Namibian, or about a $1 USD...

As a point of reference, 30 minutes of Internet time at the cafe costs $20 Namibian.

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