Sunday, January 15, 2006

First Week of Work

My first week of official volunteer service is now under my belt!

I spent much of the week organizing the Youth Center's computer lab. I restored the network and standardized the 5 PCs. After the lab was online, I worked with my Namibian counterpart to create a proposal to upgrade the lab. We submitted the proposal, and then were asked to acquire cost quotations for our recommendations! We gathered the quotations, and will be submitting them this coming week.

I met with a computer center near my house, and worked out an awesome deal with them. If I fix and then perform routine maintenance on their computers, they will give Shoni and I free Internet access! I hope to spend time on their four computers this week.

There is a great hunger for computer knowledge and support here in Namibia. I am constantly being asked to help people and organizations with their computers -- I love it!

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