Thursday, September 23, 2004

Repairs -- Ouch!

It looks like the dentist is going to be able to buy a new motorcycle; I now have 1,493 more reasons to sell mine...

Chalk up $2,985.00 worth of repairs to:

  • 3 molars, each mostly comprised of disintegrating fillings
  • one slightly decayed tooth
  • one exposed root

The good news is my dental insurance will pay for half. The bad news is that half of a big number can still be big.

During my lunch at work, I posted my motorcycle for sale on the web. Posting it in my work's classified ads yesterday was at best, a half-hearted attempt to sell it.

Now, I definitely need to sell the bike so that I can stay on track with my "get out of debt" schedule.

I am starting to see how getting ready for the Peace Corps can really force a person to view their life from a different perspective. Another aspiring Peace Corps volunteer, Kerry Boutell, said it best with this statement:

    "I have been in the process of getting my entire life in order so I could continue with the Peace Corps process."


Anonymous said...

One or two root canals?!

Jay Haase said...

No root canal, "just" two porcelain onlays, three surface resins, and one 3/4 crown!