Sunday, September 19, 2004

Emergency Kit Item #6 -- My Path

Today, in my native land and culture, I see many people headed in directions I don't understand. When I don't pay attention to my thoughts, I become impatient and judgmental of these people.

I would imagine that when I am in a different land surrounded by a different culture, I will see even more people headed in directions I do not understand. I do not want to become impatient or judgmental of them, rather I want to watch with an open mind and learn more about the path they are on.

Sometimes when I am impatient or judgmental in this way, thinking about a simple fact can help me become less:

We are all moving along our own path.

[No, I did not forget any words, I wanted to end the sentence with less.]
[It makes sense if you think about it.]

Item #6 -- My Path

I am going to write this in my thought book. On the opposite page I will draw a simple path leading into the page.

We are all moving along our own path.
This is my path.
Do not confuse my path with the path of others.

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