Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Job

I have been invited to teach computer science at the secondary level. I am going to be assigned to a cluster of junior or secondary schools in Namibia. My responsibilites will include:

  • classroom teaching
  • peer coaching
  • resource material development

I will probably be working with grades 8 to 12. The schools will range in size from 300 to 1,000 students. I might also be assigned to a teacher resource center (TRC).

I will be a classroom teacher, and probably responsible for one or more computer labs. Teachers usually teach 30 to 40 periods per week (each period is 35 to 40 minutes). Classes can be as large as 50 to 65 students in the lower grades.

School in Namibia is divided into trimesters, separated by 2 to 5 week breaks. Even though there will be breaks, I will still be expected to work during them. I can only use my Peace Corps vacation days during breaks.

Besides teaching in the classroom, I'll also be expected to help other teachers upgrade their skills.

I will have to wear, dress shirts, dress slacks, dress shoes, and ties -- teachers are expected to be very professional (ouch to the ties part).

(I wonder what I will have to do with my hair...)


Daureen Clyde said...

Sounds exciting! You are going to be one busy volunteer! Now I'm hoping we are in similar areas, because one of the things I hope to do as a Teacher Trainer is introduce technology.

Hey......does that mean you will have electricity?! Might make up for the long shirts and ties!

Tim said...

Computer Science teacher, eh? On your first day of class while taking attendance, you should say in a monotone voice, "Bueller....Bueller....Bueller." The kids might not get the reference but I think it would be funny. Hopefully, you'll have reliable internet access as well.
I did some checking into Namibia and the thing that really blew me away was the high incidence of HIV/AIDS. Fully 21% of the adult population is infected. That's absolutely mind boggling.