Thursday, July 14, 2005


There are many emotions floating around inside me right now:

  • Excitement: Just today there will have been three showings of my house.
  • Overwhelmed: I have a bunch of Peace Corps paperwork to fill out.
  • Excitement: This weekend I am going up North with my Dad; that will be fun.
  • Lonely: I miss my dog.
  • Excitement: I've made it into the Peace Corps!
  • Sad: The man I do hospice visits with has gotten much worse, and I think he is starting to die.
  • Excitement: Things are really moving again.
  • Overwhelmed: Things are really moving again.
  • Tired: I need to get more sleep -- I have too many ends burning.


Mark Nieson said...


We at eNRGi would like to wish you the best of luck on your amazing journey. We will be following your travels and look forward to learning more about South Africa. We pray for your safe return.


Mark Nieson

Jay Haase said...

Wow! Thanks Mark for the encouragement -- it means a lot to me.