Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It's Time For Another Leap

Sometimes leaving for the Peace Corps seems so close, even too close; other times so far away that I can barely see it.

It's been almost a year since I started this journey (July 25th will be the one year mark) -- wow! I've never waited this long to find out if I would be accepted to any type of organization.

I know my Peace Corps gig is not yet for sure; a lot could still happen and I could potentially be rejected. Even so, I am going to begin the process of selling my house. Here's why:

  1. If I do not make it into the Peace Corps: I will still find a way to go out into the world and help, where help is needed most.
  2. It's time for me to downsize -- I have a 4-bedroom house for just two people.
  3. This is a great time to sell my house, the market is good and so are the interest rates.
  4. Many families look to upgrade homes during the summer because school is out. I live in a great school district and I am within blocks of an elementary, middle school, and senior high school.

I know that I am about to take a big leap, and yes I am scared (I could use one of those hugging nuns again). Deep inside though, I am even more scared of not getting into the Peace Corps and not selling my house, and quietly sliding back into my previous, comfortable, sleepy life.


Tim said...

Don't get me started on that "hugging a nun" thing again.
I love your house, it would be perfect for me and the boys (aside from the location). I'm sure you won't have any problem selling it. However, my good friend, the key to happiness is not about location or vocation. Your life can be fulfilling and rewarding no matter if you're "comfortable and sleepy" in Mounds View or off in a foreign land helping the underprivileged. Don't fear staying in your "old life", embrace the possibility and realize that you can make a meaningful difference in peoples lives no matter where you are.

Jay Haase said...

Mr. Tim,

You are a very wise man, and I agree with you, happiness comes from inside, and people can help wherever they are.

I guess I am focusing on going where I think I can help the most or at least going to a place where help is needed more then where I currently am (the whole more bang for the buck kinda thing).

For me, it is too easy to fall asleep in the land of plenty satisfying my dreams for more this and more that while forgetting about greater needs that exist elsewhere in the world.


Tim said...

I have so many questions that I couldn't possibly address them all here. The next time we're together, we need to drink some beer and then go lay in a ditch somewhere, stare at the stars, and talk about all this stuff. Then again, we are quite a bit older than the last time we did that. How about we drink some beer and talk about this stuff while seated in comfy chairs?

Jay Haase said...

Sounds like a plan to me -- a good friend, beer, and philosophy -- another great mix!