Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Huston, We Have Clearance

No f***ing way! I've been medically cleared!


Adrianna said...

Congratulations! That's super!

Kristin said...

Hi Jay,

Congrats on your clearance! I somehow stumbled across your blog (very fun!), and I'm also scheduled to leave for Africa on Nov. 14th, so hey, we might be PC buddies! I just started a blog the other day, you can check it out at http://www.livejournal/users/pckristin

Jay Haase said...

Hey Kristin, its weird in a cool way to meet strangers on the web that I might be spend two plus years with in a foreign country!

I hope we get to meet each other. I'll add your web page to me links.


Kristin said...

Agreed, the web can do some pretty wild things...thanks for the link to my site, I'll add your page to mine too.
That'd be cool if we got to meet, it would make for quite an icebreaker at training!

Take 'er easy,

Dina said...

Congratulations Jay! One more obstacle out of the way.