Tuesday, April 12, 2005

7 Months

If everything goes as scheduled, I will be leaving in 7 months. I have a few big things to do yet:

  • Do a number of home repairs
  • Sell my house
  • Sell my car
  • Separate myself from a number of other smaller belongings
  • Find cheap storage my remaining treasures
  • Quit my job
  • Find some type of investment for the proceeds of my house
  • Make sure my daughters are prepared for the next 2 years

The tricky part is -- I will have to do most of this without knowing I am going for sure.


Anonymous said...

Please do not leave job, house or car or Minnesotta. I do not have your email as I would have made this request to you over it.
A lot of help is needed in Minneapolis.
Please contact Nicholas or Susan who are disributing free food to hungry in
Minneapolis this Saturday at May Day Parade. See message below:-
On Saturday, April 16th, 2005 at 10:00am (following the
normal morning program beginning at 6am) there will be
the assembly of food packets at the house of
Shashi and Anu. These packets are
for distribution to the "hungry" souls at this years
Ratha Yatra (May Day Parade at Powderhorn Park, Minneapolis)
. Everyone is welcome...it is a fun and
simple service that can be accomplished quickly with a
large group of enthusiastic persons..the more hands
the better!

Ph no : 763-522-4452 -Susan Jansen

Jay Haase said...

Thanks for the info! I will call Susan to learn more about the event.


Brian Reeves said...

Jay -

Seven months is both a long and short time... Long because it's way too early to do a lot of the planning you'll need to do, but short because if you don't do some of it the last hours will come down on you like a hammer. Right now I'm entering heavy-activity mode as I have to move from my apartment in just under three weeks and I've packed exactly nothing. I'm more prepared than I was last time, I admit, but there's still a world of things to do and little time for them. Good luck, and don't worry too much about getting in/not getting in. You're probably fine -- I only know of one person who was totally denied at the eleventh hour. Most people know by the time they've passed the health review if they'll be going or not. Did you pass it yet? I can't quite remember. If not, wait a little longer to do anything drastic. Peace.

Jay Haase said...


I'm still waiting for medical clearance, my guess is it may not happen until July at the earliest - based on info I have learned from othes.