Tuesday, December 07, 2004

An Unexpected Guest

Today was an A-PC day! Some big Peace Corps type things happened:

  • submitted my dental paperwork to my dentist - it should be complete tomorrow or the next day
  • completed the paperwork for my eyes
  • found my ex-counselor and left a message on her work voice mail
  • sweet talked my way into a physical at my clinic for Thursday of next week -- I'm giving up on the VA because it will take too long

If all goes well, I should be able to submit my medical paperwork by the end of next week!

Also, my two daughters and I attended a Peace Corps informational meeting held by the regional Peace Corps office. I found it to be very interesting. It was nice to see returned volunteers dressed in their local clothing and to hear them talking about their experiences. It seemed like they all had a special type of confidence about them that I have not seen in many others...

A surprise guest even showed up...

    The meeting was at a local library. A man that grew up in Cameroon (Africa) happened to be going to the library and saw the signs for the Peace Corps. He followed the signs, and joined the meeting. He gave a wonderfully touching speech on his impression of Peace Corps volunteers that served in his home of Cameroon.

It's going to be hard to sleep tonight!

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