Wednesday, December 08, 2004

To Friends That Listen

Today I was at lunch with friends, when someone asked:

  • So, why do you wanna join the Peace Corps?

And then, while I was composing a comprehensive, yet succinct answer in my head; one of my other friends answered for me, in as good or better a fashion than I could have myself.

Thanks Lonnie!

(I guess I must talk about the Peace Corps a lot...)


Brian Reeves said...

So what did she say? :)


Jay Haase said...

After lunch, she said to me: "I couldn't believe you were just sitting there thinking -- it's such an easy answer for you..."

During lunch, she said to the group: "He likes helping people, learning new cultures, learning languages, going on adventures..."

Every day I am reminded of the wonderful friends I have. I feel very lucky right now.