Monday, November 08, 2004

A Tribute

I sold my TV today. It feels kinda weird not to have a TV.

Well, if you get technical, I still have an small black and white TV (the kind with knobs that turn) out in the garage; my computer monitor has a built-in TV tuner; and my oldest daughter has a TV in her bedroom.

Selling the TV was a big message to myself that I am serious about having fewer things. The TV wasn't hurting anything up in its nice stand. I could have kept it, until just before I left for the Peace Corps -- it wouldn't have gotten spoiled just sitting there. It was a cool TV, and I am a gadget boy, so it was no small thing for me to sell it.

In a strange way, I feel a little naked with out it.

As a tribute to my TV, I put a big, empty, glass blown head where my TV used to be.

In 2000, 98% of all US households had at least one TV. (source)

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