Monday, November 08, 2004

Time is a Changing

I’m at a movie theatre waiting to go to a movie – it starts in an hour. I’ve decided to sit around and watch people while trying to organize my thoughts by writing this post for my blog.

I am excited about the voice message my recruiter left for my on Friday. I now believe it’s for sure that I will be nominated, and it will probably happen very soon – one more hurdle about to be jumped.

As expected, jumping such a hurdle leads to joy and a wonderful sense of accomplishment. In the Peace Corps process, it also leads to new, sometimes unexpected feelings. Feelings caused by a realization of (and focus on) the next, new hurdle. This is even more extreme in the Peace Corps process, because all of the hurdles seem so very different!

I was surpised by a new feeling I am having now. November 14th, 2005 is a really looong way away. It’s over a year away… For months, I have been planning on leaving in October and that did not seem far away to me; why does November seem so far away right now?

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