Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Stealth Mode is Off -- Let's Feed the Goal

Well, I have just come out of stealth mode and back to the land of the blogging!

Today, I called the dentist to setup my first of three "get ready for the Peace Corps" dental appointments. My appointment is for 8:00 am Wednesday morning (tomorrow) -- that's pretty early for a dental appointment...

I have not had much time to think about the Peace Corps lately -- well, that's not exactly true. I think about the Peace Corps every day. I guess what I mean is this: I have not taken the time lately to continue my prep for the Peace Corps.

Writing in this blog one of the best ways I have to prepare for the Peace Corps (the other is reading the Yahoo! Peace Corps forum). Posting to this blog on a regular basis forces me to think about the things I need to do:

  • to be successful getting into the Peace Corps
  • to be prepared for service in the Peace Corps

For me, to keep my goals alive, I need to think of a way to feed them. This blog has turned out to be a wonderful a way to feed my Peace Corps goal -- I never planned for that, it just happened. I've always known that I can feed my goals by telling them to other people, I just never made the connection that a blog could serve the same purpose.

Stopping blogging (for a few days) has just made me realize how important an energy source it is to me. My word to the wise for the week:

Know your goals' energy sources, and guard them well.

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