Thursday, October 21, 2004

One High Tech Dentist

Tooth #1 is fixed -- two more to go!

The dentist was great; what's not to like about a dental office called "Serenity Oaks"? Even better, they are the most high-tech dentist I have ever been to (and I am a gadget boy).

Here is what they did:

  1. Took a 3-d picture of my tooth.
  2. Removed the old filling from my tooth -- leaving behind a mere shell.
  3. Used a laser to reshape some of the soft tissue around my tooth.
  4. Took another 3-d picture of the shell.
  5. Created a computer model of an inlay using a wireless CAD computer (I got to watch the whole process).
  6. Created the inlay by sending the CAD information to an onsite robotic milling machine (it took 15 minutes to create).
  7. Glued the new inlay into the shell of my original tooth.

I was eating lunch two hours later!

Tooth #2 is another inlay. Tooth #3 is a traditional cap.

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