Friday, October 08, 2004

Peace Corps Stats

I've been trying to find some juicy Peace Corps statistics for a while now. There does not seem to be many sources of said statistics.

With that said, I have found a few interesting stats. Here they are, in no particular order:

Application Statistics (compiled from a variety of sources):

  • The Peace Corps receives over 120,000 inquiries each year from people interested in applying.
  • The Peace Corps receives approximately 11,000 applications each year.
  • There are approximately 4,000 volunteer positions available each year (36%).

Electricity availability (from a 1997 survey)

  • 50% of PCVs always had electricity
  • 25% of PCVs lived with electricity sometimes
  • 25% of PCVs lived with no electricity

Water availability (from a 1997 survey)

  • 42% of PCVs had reliable sources of running water
  • 30% of PCVs sometimes had running water
  • 28% of PCVs had no running water

Email availability (from a 1997 survey)

  • 7% of PCVs always had access to email
  • 8% of PCVs sometimes had access to email
  • 85% of PCVs never had access to email

Weight gain/loss

  • Most men lost weight while serving
  • Most women gained weight while serving (just a few pounds)


2 comments: said...

Everytime I read a PCV's journal about their's always potatos, breads and rice! I am going to turn into a LARD butt. I excercise my butt off now b/c my metabolism is so slow...this is depressing.

I sure hope I get a bike and have to bike a few miles a day to site. Or have a beach to walk on, or something..


Brian Reeves said...

My PC assignment was in the Eastern Caribbean, back in 1998. I can remember not being happy with the foods at the time -- our training group even performed a fun skit/song with the chorus, "Dasheen, Rice and Beans!" Everything we ate was starch, starch starch: breadfruit, fried plantains, dasheen (taro), rice and peas, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, you name it. Even though I'm a vegetarian, I decided to include fish in my diet because otherwise my choices would be dismal. I ate fruit sometimes, vegetables almost never (in the Caribbean, "salad" means "cole slaw"). Nevertheless, and this might come as a surprise to hardcore Atkins-dieters, I lost TEN POUNDS IN ONE MONTH. Granted, I was walking daily in blistering heat and exerting myself physically and mentally more than usual. But still. Ten pounds?

To the previous poster, most of the others I was with also lost weight. Maybe you gain some back once training is over and you settle into a home. I dunno -- I never made it that far. But certainly Peace Corps life isn't as cushy as American life. No cars, no malls, just hot crowded buses and markets. You should be okay.