Saturday, October 02, 2004

A Magic Mirror

Someplace I read (or heard) about a type of magic mirror -- instead of seeing myself when I looked into it, I would see how others perceived me.

    I think a more powerful magic (than the magic in the mirror) would be the magic found in a magic book whose pages told me what to do with what I saw in a magic mirror...

I have had a rare chance to experience something like the magic mirror. Through work, I was able to have a 360 degree review/survey of my performance and tendencies. The survey canvassed people I work with: peers, supervisors, and direct reports.

There are some comments and scores in the results that have been difficult for me to accept. I felt sad after reading them and I began to wonder:

Why don't they understand me?
(they should try harder to understand me)

It's very surprising to me how much misunderstanding can occur between people from the same culture, language, profession, company, and workgroup. Sometimes I feel that people try harder not to understand each other than they try to understand each other.

After I typed the previous sentence, I realized:

I should not be asking why don't they understand me. I should instead be asking myself:

Why don't I understand them?

Magic Mirror
(Text for the Book of Thoughts)

Because I don't know where to buy a magic mirror, I have had to invent my own. Whenever I catch myself thinking:

Why don't they understand me?

I will think of a mirror, and reflect this question into:

Why don't I understand them?

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