Thursday, September 30, 2004

Details to Dental

Well, the good news is: someone is interested in my bike. They will probably come and check it out this weekend. So, to get ready for them, I spent a hour detailing her (of course, my bike is a girl). And yes, she does have a girl-sportbike type name.

As soon as I sell my bike, I can begin my dental repairs. I'm hoping to have those repairs done by November 1st so that I do not have to delay my medical submission waiting for my teeth.

Only if my bike was a chopper, than I could say:

I'm selling my chopper for some new choppers.

(forgive me, it was just too hard to resist)

I was just thinking:

  • I wonder what other medical deficiencies the Peace Corps medical tests will discover?
  • I wonder if they will be bloggable?
  • I wonder if they should be blogged?

(of course I'll write about them -- it's always more fun to write about secrets, especial if they're taboo)


Emily said...
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Jay Haase said...

Somebody posted an link to an add for a so-called free product. I deleted the post because it was not appropriate.