Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This Story Ends

Today I officially completed my COS (close of service) with the Peace Corps. Now I am an RPCV (returned Peace Corps volunteer).

The Peace Corps was a great experience for me, and I still do not even understand all of the things that have changed inside of me.
The least of which being the mild parasite found in me during the Peace Corps medical tests. :-)


Diane Ross said...

Yours is such an amazing story. I can't believe it's been 4 years. It sounds like you've found your heart. Are you going to be coming back to the US soon? Are you then returning to take the job to build databases? How awesome is that!

I feel so small, just working at Best Buy.

Pinaypostcrosser said...

Hi Jay,
Greetings from the Philippines!
Is there any chance I can request even just ONE post card from Namibia? I would really love to have one and it will make me very happy ;. I can send you one from my country in return.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,

The time has gone fast! I will look forward to hearing what you will be doing next.


Pinaypostcrosser said...

Hi Jay,
Big, big thanks! Will be sending you an email right after this.