Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Last night I was traveling home from town. I had left the Peace Corps office late because of a busy day. It took me a while to get my second taxi ride, so by the time I started the walk home through the field it was very dark. Twice during the walk, something screeched at me. It was cloudy, and the moon was not around. I was starting to get scared...

Then I remembered how my dad always seemed to be so brave. I decided to imagine that he was walking with me, and then my fear left me.

I was reminded of the TV show "Heroes". There is a character on the show, Peter, who can absorb the super powers of other people. If he absorbs the super power of person X, he can later use that super power. To trigger the super power from person X, all he has to do is imagine how he feels when he is around person X. Its like the memory of person X triggers the super power he absorbed.

I realized that real life can be like that. If we know someone with special powers, powers that can make us feel good or help us handle situations; all way have to do is deeply imagine that person is with us, to tap into their special powers. :-)

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