Friday, April 04, 2008


There are a lot of frogs in northern Namibia. Wait, let me restate that: there are a lot of big frogs in northern Namibia.

My host brothers like to trap frogs for supper. A few days ago, Jeson asked me if I wanted to see how he caught big frogs. I smiled and said "Yes!"

I thought he would sneak up on the frogs to catch them, maybe some people do that, but my host brother uses a frog trap. He has dug a hole about 8 inches square and 2 feet deep. The hole is designed to trap the frogs that fall in, because they are unable to jump out.

Then, Jeson caught three or four small frogs and tied them together with grass. He hung the small frogs from a stick so they were suspended over the hole. Once we walked away from the trap, the small frogs started making a lot of noise. Jeson smiled and told me they would bring the large frogs, because the large frogs would want to eat the small frogs.

The large frogs did come, hearing the plight of the small frogs, and unluckily for them at least some of them fell into the hole.

I cooked the frogs in a chakalaka soup (a spicy sauce) with carrots and potatoes.

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