Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm Here

Things are very different at my new site.

I have no electricity or running water in my house. There is actually no electricity anyplace on the homestead (farm). There is running water on the homestead. I fill a big container of water that I use in my house. There is a nice toilet and shower I can use in a separate building from my house.

I am using a propane stove, and do not have a refrigerator yet...I don't know when I will get one. During the night, I use an old kerosine lamp for light in my house.

It has been raining every night since I have been here, and even raining some of the days. Today (Sunday) I walked to church with the kids. It took 45 minutes through the rain and puddles. I was soaked by the time I got there. I was introduced to the congregation, and soon I will begin working with the youth in the community.

I have already met with the Principal of a nearby school, and have begun helping him with his computers. I will probably be doing some self-esteem courses for the learners at his school. He is reading my materials now. I was able to charge my computer and cell phone while I was fixing his computers. :-)

There are many chickens, goats, 2 pigs, 2 dogs, and 1 cat on the farm. The farm is run by a 77 year old woman. Her name is Kuku Selma (Kuku means grandmother). She doesn't know any English. Most of the time people are only speaking Oshindonga to me.

Its a 45 minute walk just to the tar road. I am told I can get a taxi into town from the tar road...we will see tomorrow, because I will try to go into town.

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