Monday, July 23, 2007

Next Plans

Just lately (like yesterday), I began crafting a new schedule of activities, my plans, post Peace Corps....

The First Thing
Go home and celebrate Christmas with my family.

The Second Thing
Move in with my daughter's family, and help them with Jayse, my new grandson, for a couple of months.

The Third Thing
Return to Africa, and travel from its Southern tip to its Northern tip, helping people along the way.

A Footnote
I am on a search for myself, and even though I know that I am right here, I have become very good at hiding from myself -- so good, that I think I will have to trick myself just to find me. I have seen that putting myself into a new culture forces me to learn about myself, and that is in fact, what I will do.

For all intensive purposes, my religion is:
  • I must seek to understand myself, so that I can become a mirror for others.
My goal is:
  • I will go out into the world and help where help is needed most. I will find those places where there is great suffering an go there, serving others with compassion; removing what suffering I can.


Raj said...

What if you fail?

Well, luckily there are billions of me. I am highly redundant due to the criticality of the work that I do.

What is the work?


Anonymous said...

It is really great to hear about your work in Africa. I wish you all the best. I insist we have lunch when you get back to Minn. as I want to hear more!