Friday, January 27, 2006

Namibian Newspaper Cup?

Who'd a thought...I have had the busiest last few days since I have been in Africa -- they were just like some of my busy corporate days...

On last Friday, the director of the Youth Center asked me to help him create a presentation. He wanted to answer a "request for bids" from the Namibian Football Association, to host a soccer tournament in Keetmanshoop.

I spent the next five days (yes, both Saturday and Sunday) working closely with him, the Governor of the Karas region, the mayor of Keetmanshoop, Keetmanshoop council members, and soccer officers.

We created a PowerPoint presentation complete with a movie tour of the city. Yesterday five of us drove to Windhoek, and presented our bid to both the Football Association and the country's national newspaper (called The Namibian). Windhoek is around a 4 hour drive one way. It turned out to be a very long and very rewarding day.

We will hear on Tuesday if we get the bid! Receiving the bid could mean as much as a million dollars of unexpected revenue for the city.

The drive back from Windhoek is always beautiful, especially during sunset. I can not wait until my father can come and see the sunset with me.

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