Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Wow, what a whirlwind!
Wow, what amazing people!
Wow, I leave for Africa tomorrow...

58 Americans have travelled to this location (Philly) to begin the process of learning how to integrate and seek acceptance in a foreign land. The Peace Corps calls this coming together Staging.

Certain feelings are very strong here, and being experienced by what seems to be everyone in the group. There is excitement, fear of the unknown, fear of lost baggage, fear of overweight baggage, unfocused anxiety, exceptional warmth towards others, and an extremely strange feeling: the fear of deciding to drop out.

It sounds strange, the fear of deciding to drop out -- and yet, it is not strange to me, for even I have felt it -- to my surprise. The only consolation to any of us is the fact that so many others in the group are experiencing the same feeling.

I had expected there to be warmth towards others; I had not expected the strength of it. I am truly in the company of some very wonderful people, and I am humbled.

In the spirit of "Into the Void", I am going to train my focus on the next rock.


Adrianna said...

hey there! I hope you're flight to Namibia goes smoothly and that the airplane food isn't TOO bad. ;)


Brian Reeves said...


Well, it's finally happening for you. Just as I get sent home; what an interesting coincidence!

Congratulations, and I hope this experience is wonderful and fulfilling. Nothing beats the Peace Corps.


juliana said...

Congratulations. I, too, am in the process of going to the PC but I only just had my interview. Waiting for my medical stuff to come in and hopefully I'll be gone by this summer. Best of luck and keep your blog updated! :)