Wednesday, August 17, 2005

That Chaotic Energy is Back...

I'm still alive!

Not much has been happening on the Peace Corps front, and that's OK, because I am not exepecting anything to happen until mid-October.

I have been very busy carting belongings all over the state. The last four days I have driven over 6 hours each day! All of that is about done now...I just have to take care of the last 10% of miscellaneous things.

In a surprising twist of events, I have decided to take a different motorcycle on my cross-country trip. I will be taking a motorcycle with a sidecar. Now I will be able to bring my dog with me!

I can hardly wait to begin my road trip -- that chaotic energy is zooming all about inside of me right now.

1 comment:

Adrianna said...

Your road trip sounds like something out of a movie. How great is sounds going on the road with a good friend like a pet!

My husband and I are officially nominees!

have fun on your trip!
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