Saturday, May 21, 2005

A Beautiful Nun with a Hug

Well, I let myself get thrown off balance yesterday.

Late in the day, I found out that my grandpa had to go back into surgery to fix a problem that appeared after his initial surgery. I quickly left work and rushed up to St. Cloud to see him before he went into surgery -- I missed catching him by about 10 minutes. :-(

Everything went fine, and he is doing well. I had been very worried, so worried in fact, that I let myself fall out-of-balance.

I got home at around 11:00 PM last night, and practiced harmonica for about 30 minutes before crashing into bed.

I didn't wake up until noon -- I missed a 10:00 appointment but still tried to get there to help wrap it up -- my cell phone was dead, my car was out of gas, I printed out the wrong MapQuest directions, I got lost for over 45 minutes, and I was becoming extremely frustrated with the other traffic (not normal for me). When I arrived, I noticed I had not replaced my gas cap -- it was still hanging from its retaining strap.

I had a surreal feeling as it was all happening, as I took wrong turn after wrong turn -- I knew I was off balance, but I kept going.

I wish there was a store that sold custom hugs. I would buy one of those extra special, warm, gentle, reassuring hugs -- the kind I would imagine getting from a beautiful, loving nun -- the kind of nun that has eyes overflowing with care for the world.


Tim said...

Nothing against nuns, I'm sure they're great huggers but there are even better alternatives. As a fellow single man, I'd like to reccomend to you as a hugging partner, women who are not married (to God or otherwise). They're wonderful, TRUST ME. I hope that your Grandpa continues to do well!

Jay Haase said...

Tim, I read your post three times, and laughed each time - I think you should be writing a blog!


Tim said...

I certainly have enough going on in my life to blog about but I'd be too worried that one of the non-nun women in my life would find it and take exception to its contents. Of course, then I could blog about how I screwed up my dating life by being too revealing in my blog. Hmmmm...I seem to have two options, blog and risk losing my "hugging" or remain blog-free. I think I'll stick with the hugging. Besides, my blog would be too banal. Your blog represents a noble endeavor whereas mine would be filled with stuff about my broken lawnmower and how cute I think the brunette girl is from the show "Lost".