Thursday, March 03, 2005

Fun With Ants

Here quotes from recent postings in the Yahoo Peace Corps group about ants in food that I found both funny and exciting.

    First month: Ants get in food. Throw entire meal away.

    Second month: Ants get in food. Brush ants off, continue eating.

    Third month: Ants get in food. What ants?

    Last night I made myself a bowl of noodles that I belatedly realized was crawling with ants. After 17 months in country, I still had that clenching of stomach muscles at the sight...but then I thought "oh, what the hell. I don't feel like cooking something else." They're a little crunchy, but you just have to imagine it's Thai food with crushed peanuts.

Ya, I know its weird that these things get me excited about the Peace Corps -- remember, I love adventure!

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