Friday, January 28, 2005

We Passed 4K

Happy 4K! This blog just passed 4,000 page loads!

Thank you for visiting my site. Knowing there are visitors helps keep me writing, which helps keep me positive and excited about the Peace Corps.


6 comments: said...

yea! we like happy Jays!

Anonymous said...

Continuing on with earlier explanations on my initial posting I am quoting the paragraph first and then the explanation.

'By discussing spiritual knowledge one can conquer lamentation and illusion, by serving a great devotee one can become prideless, by keeping silent one can avoid obstacles on the path of perfection, and simply by stopping sense gratification one can conquer envy.'

The first line is very important. One should understand that the body (consisting of senses) is subordinate to the mind, the mind is subordinate to intelligence (the ability to apply the mind effectively) and intelligence is subordinate to the spirit. And the spirit is eternal.
That spirit is what is called the soul.
One must meditate on this hierarchy, discuss it with the gurus and come to realize it. This is what is spiritual knowledge.
I will comment later on other points in the paragraph.

Brian Reeves said...

Well, like ten thousand of those come from me. I drop by every day to see what's new. You must really be swamped lately. Or else so deep in the medical clearance process that there is nothing to report. :)


p.s. Love the troll who spouts spiritual non sequiturs. Where can I get one of those?

Jay Haase said...


Thanks for your great support! I hope I get to meet you one day.


Jay Haase said...

Wondering what an Internet Troll is? See this link:

Anonymous said...

Well I think there was probably a problem with me in trying to discuss too many points which appeared to be non sequiturs.
My objective in the postings was not to be a troll but support somebody who I felt was becoming serious in life and trying to make it fruitful for others.
Life can be still be very superfluously lived even with very serious missions. Anyway there are some links to the book that I quoted from and
It starts with Canto 1 text 1 and then has 18000 texts distributed in 12 cantos. The one I quoted were from somewhere in the middle (No wonder they look like non sequiters).
The book is 5000 years old and studied and commented upon by many scholars in the US.
The book starts with very significant question of the purpose of existence.
Hardly few people in a million would like to know that purpose although it seems to make perfect sense to do so.
Any serious mission like the one this blogger has is obviously tied to this one central purpose.
If not now, may be in future a need might arise to ponder on this issue, so you can save the link.
Meanwhile I am perfectly happy in not putting any posting, if that makes readers happy.