Sunday, January 09, 2005

Dental and Legal are not Done

At 5:11 am today, I received another Peace Corps status change email.

Well, I thought I had received both dental and legal clearance, but I was wrong -- I had only received dental clearance.

They just started reviewing my legal information -- therefore I currently have a legal hold. It doesn't mean anything is wrong, just that they are in the review process.

Hope u r having a gr8 weekend!


Brian Reeves said...

Hey Jay

I'm a fellow Mac user, and I was wondering how you posted those interesting screen captures? What program do you use to modify the images? I assume you have to modify them, since sometimes the image sits at an angle...


Jay Haase said...


I use Grab to get the screen captures (it came with my Mac), and then a program called Thumbscrew (its free) to make the thumbnails.