Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Just A Vehicle

Tonight, one of my friends was at my house with his wife and two young children. His daughter who is about 5 years old, noticed that a lock of my hair was hanging down in the middle of my forehead (my hair is quite long now -- the pic in my profile is over a year old).

His daughter looked at me in a concerned way, studying the lock of hair. Very seriously, she motioned for me to come closer to her, all the while remaining focused on the lock of hair. She slowly and gently took the lock of hair and blended it into the hair on the top of my head.

At that moment I understood the awesome warmth that comes from simple compassion. I realized it's not the act that determines the intensity of the compassion - it's the focus and heart of the giver. The act is just the vehicle for the compassion.

(I think sometimes the act might even get in the way -- if it gets too much focus)

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