Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Just Before

Well, it's been a while since my last post -- I was having many competing priorities: family, work, peace corps, Christmas preparation, friends, and sleep.

I have actually been very active on the Peace Corps front -- there is a lot to do during the medical clearance process!

I am glad to report the following wonderful progress:

  • 90% of my medical exam is complete (ya, even the turn and cough part). I will take my tuberculosis test tomorrow, and then I just have to wait for the lab results -- which should be done by this Thursday.
  • I have in my possession one mental health statement written for and about me (it's very weird to read such statements about oneself -- it's kinda like being a peeping Tom on your own life).
  • My dental statement (complete with full x-rays) is ready to go.
  • My eye exam info is done and also ready to go (complete with my very own choice of birth-control glasses).

All I have left to do is create two personal statements, one describing my personal counseling sessions and the other describing my family counseling sessions.

I plan to send a my completed medical clearance package to the Peace Corps on Thursday, just before my long awaited celebration drink!


~.i.am.ashleigh.~ said...

Hallelujah, my friend!

Jay Haase said...

Thanks Ashleigh,

Let's celebrate when we are both cleared. We can have a celebration drink at the same time (just in different places)!