Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Sex Lives of Cannibals

I just started reading one of the most funny books I have ever read - "The Sex Lives of Cannibals".

It's a non-fiction book about a man that follows his wife to a small island in the South Pacific. They live there for over two years while she does Peace Corps-like work.

In just the first 20 pages, I have caught myself laughing out loud more times than any other book I have read. Check out this . Here is an excerpt describing a night in a hotel, halfway to their new island home:

    “In our room, which was not a bad room, I spent much of the night like a taunted monkey in a cage, lurching from wall to wall flinging my sandals at the insidious creatures [cockroaches], and when my tally reached five dead cockroaches, I thought it was safe to attempt sleep. And then I felt it. It was scrambling up my back, a sharp pitter-patter with razor fur burning my skin. I knew that very soon I would have a cockroach in my ear. Instinct took over. I emitted a primal scream and bounced out of the bed. Slyvia did likewise. She does not like to be woken up suddenly. I calmly explained the situation and she was thoughtful enough to summon with some urgency several higher-power characters in Christian theology.”

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